Erotic Art



"Hi there… I'm so glad you decided to join me here… This is an exciting website with gorgeous ladies with big male thingies that are sure to entertain you… Just take a hold on me and we'll sneak in and take a look around… Oh… I suppose you can hold on there… blushes… Your hands do feel good there… blush… giggles… Now this is a huge site with like so many pictures I couldn't tell you how many but they're all hot to look at. From beautiful babes to sexy men and some of the hottest ladies with male naughty bits you'll meet. The galleries of 3D artwork make these pictures come to life. Do you want to see girls on guys or girls on girls or maybe the really neat pictures of sexy women with huge male thingies? There's a lot to see. This artist has a collection of old artwork that steams up the site but that's nothing to the artist's new work.

Along with the wild artwork of stunning ladies with male parts, this site also has some incredible stories to offer. In BloodHunters, Mayhem, you follow the adventures of elves on a flight through space toward the planet earth. These high tech and hot elves have gorgeous female bodies and a device that gives them male things too. They create a male clone to experiment with 'reproduction' though it doesn't really look like they're trying to create babies. blushes and peeks through her fingers… Oh dear… I didn't know it took four elves to create a baby… How can they do it in a group like that?... that does look like it might feel good though… blushes…

Let's keep looking… In the story the elves are working with clones trying to make the perfect clone. As part of the experiment, one of the elf scientists experiments with making male thingies on the other female elves. It's really interesting… blushes… The beautiful elf ladies enjoy having real male bits to play with... Oh dear… There they go again… blushes… This BloodHunter story continues in BloodHunters NewHalf… with some more hot women with male thingies looking for action. This part of the story takes place on earth like you've imagined in the hot dreams and dark nightmares. Oh! I-I think it's time for me to go… Thanks for holding onto me… blushes… I hope you enjoyed this look into one hot and sexy site of ladies with male thingies… I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


It's All Coming Together!

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